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You need a fortress

You need a fortress

It’s hard being an entrepreneur.

Anyone who pretends it’s easy is fooling themselves.

Getting even a single ,additional customer can be very hard work.

Which is why you need a fortress to protect yourself.

You need a fortress for 2 things.

Your mind.

And your time.

How you think and what you do.

When it comes to success and the attraction of wealth nothing else is going to matter.

If you can’t protect your productivity and your thinking then you have a BIG problem.

Business owners are under constant attack.

Emails, phone calls, social media & more.

Too many business owners are easily distracted and the price is high.

Holidays and time away are so important.

To think.

My 90 minutes every day is my drawbridge . Once I’ve done it I’m ready for what the day throws at me.

You need to protect your mind and your time. The very life you lead depends on this.

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