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Show up like nobody else!

Show up like nobody else!

Here’s something to get your brain churning on a Monday. It’s a biggie.

In fact I’d say it’s the number 1 mistake that most people know, but don’t do.

It’s not about money. People who’ve got money to spend make the exact same mistake. It’s a mental mistake that has to be fixed in the way that you think.

Most customers try and get their customers as cheaply as they possibly can. That’s their mission. They are easily attracted to the cheapest thing to do. Like moths to a flame- they’re stupid.

They deprive themselves of the number one advantage that they could ever have, which is to create a scenario where they can outspend their competition.

By going cheap, they can only do a very limited number of things. By changing their strategy and getting their economics right, they can buy speed and growth. They can discourage competitors from entering the market. Smart marketeers structure their business so they can out spend everyone else.

1% send full colour , glossy packages to the right people in the post.

99% will ask if they can go black and white, or reduce the paper weight or number of pages to drive down cost. Or they’ll email it or have it available to download. Stupid.

The 1% will ask what could they do to force people to read it- to incentivise people to read it.

Show up like nobody else- is a seriously smart strategy and the best way is to spend money like nobody else. Not cavalier like. Not without testing properly.

The biggest and best question you should be asking yourself this week. “What can I do that will allow me to change the economics of getting a customer- to spend more money.

Told you I’d get you thinking.

Have a great week &v if you’d like some help to crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers then give me a call.

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