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Random Acts of Advertising!

Random Acts of Advertising!

Advertisers and marketing companies know too well that the majority of businesses have no plan (or even idea) about marketing. This is obvious when business owners get calls from them promoting random acts of marketing. If the business had a plan there’d be no point calling at random times.

I was just working through my day when the phone went this morning…

” Business Coaching Manchester, Graeme speaking.”

“Hi Graeme. I was wondering if you’d like to advertise in next months magazine. I know you’ve advertised in previous magazines. “

“Hi ***, It’s not something I’m looking to do right now, but yes possibly for the future. Can I get back to you?”

“Yes of course. Shall I call you next month?”

“Yes that would be fine. Thankyou.”

What the advertiser didn’t know is that I already have a plan for my businesses – for the next 3 months!


I don’t wake up every day wondering what on Earth I’m going to do today to move my business on.

I’m throwing the dice waiting for a six!

But the advertiser knows that’s exactly what most businesses do!

They make a lot of money from this (unlike most businesses).

If you are a professional business person then you will have a plan- ANY PLAN!

You won’t need random calls for random acts of advertising- you’ll know exactly what marketing you’re going to do for at least the next month or so.

Give me a call if you need help with this.

Stop wasting your money!

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