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No-one ever got rich blaming someone else.

No-one ever got rich blaming someone else.

I talk a lot about responsibility. It’s a recurring theme because it’s absolutely critical to achieving big success, yet so many businesses people that I meet willingly give away responsibility for their future and their lives.

They do it sub-consciously most of the time. It comes out and shows itself though , in how they talk about themselves and their businesses. So many things are someone else’s fault. Let me tell you now, no-one ever got rich blaming someone or something else. Ever!

“No one eats out in the first quarter”, a restaurant owner told me recently.

“There’s still no work. People just aren’t spending money on extensions,” a local builder explained to me as he cried into his pint.

“Businesses in my town won’t spend £99 a month on marketing”, someone else whined to me last week.

With this attitude you can never run a super successful business or be rich. Life will always be hard. That’s big price to pay for absolving yourself of blame.

The truth is that most people blame everyone but themselves.

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