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I want my business to make more money. Where do I start?

I want my business to make more money. Where do I start?

At last you have realised that you need to spend time on your business not in your business.

Congratulations- that’s a great move.

You will need time to do this.

Step 1.

How much money are you making now?

Per week? Per month? Per annum?

How many customers do you have?

Now you might need a calculator. How much is an average customer worth to you?

Step 2.

How much money do you need to make?

You’ll need some information here.

Your mortgage/rent, your bills, your car, socialising, holidays etc.

And business costs too including a marketing budget.

Now work out how many customers you need to pay for all this!

Step 3.

How are you going to get those extra customers? How long will it take?

You need a plan.

You might need a Business Coach to help you with this.

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