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How has marketing changed?

How has marketing changed?

Businesses used to rely on newspapers, magazines, flyers & yellow pages to get the word out.

Although those methods might work SEO has now taken over- SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION. Customers type in keywords & google responds.

The type of business is irrelevant. SEO works wonders for all.

Customers can now go to a company’s facebook or twitter account & demand an answer & everybody can see the question & response. Wow- how things have changed. If they don’t get what they want, guess what – they can go elsewhere!

Businesses can get left behind if their marketing apps are not upto date.

Smartphones & other technology is changing every year & the changes are getting faster.

One billion people use youtube every day!


Customers want to watch things happening and it’s easy to produce these days.

Luckily, not everything has changed! Some things about marketing WILL remain true forever….

David Ogilvy (1911-1999) was known as the “Father of Advertising”.

In 1968 he created over $1480000000 worth of advertising & spent $4900000 tracking the results. His ideas have often created the blueprint for modern day marketing.

For example. Positioning should be decided before advertising is created.

Is Dove a soap or a product for dry skin. Is schweppes a drink or a mixer. What are you trying to sell? How clear are you?

For example. Large promises are the soul of advertising.

A promise is a benefit for the customer, not a claim.

For example. The manufacturer who dedicates his/her advertising to building the sharpest brand will get the largest share of the market.

99% of advertising has no thought behind it.

The list goes on….

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