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How are your marketing skills?

How are your marketing skills?

You are an expert at what you do. You’ve got experience, you’ve had all the training you need, but somehow your competitors are still doing better than you. You an an expert at what you do, but they are expert marketers. They don’t market their business as an afterthought, they deliberately plan their marketing to make it a success. They don’t overspend, they have a budget. They know how many leads make how many customers. They know their average customer spend. They know exactly how much money they need to break even. You don’t know these things. You have been spending time on what you do, not on marketing.

You need to crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers. You need a system to help you do this. Manchester Business Coaching can help. You are not alone anymore.

Call Graeme for a friendly no obligation chat on how to do this 0161-860 6888

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