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Good at Your Job Not at Your Business?

Good at Your Job Not at Your Business?

You’re at work.

You’re employed.

You’re VERY good at what you do.

You could be a dentist, a teacher, a builder, a chef, an accountant.

You know what to do. You could do this job with your eyes shut, you show others what to do.

You go home from work , you laugh & you sleep.

So why don’t you go into business?

Now this is another story altogether.

Being good at your job won’t help you with this.

This is business.

You have to speak to customers- and you know they are always right.

You have to market your business- you take advice – from an employee (everyone has an opinion on business and they are usually wrong of course, they have no experience, just like you).

You randomly market your business. You don’t test the market. You’ve listened to your friends, family and ex colleagues.

You start to lose money.

You get home from work and you cry.

You’re awake all night.

If this sounds like you then Manchester Business Coaching can help.

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