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A Small Business is NOT corporate!

A Small Business is NOT corporate!

I was recently introduced to a friend of a friend who had left a job as an MD of a large company and had began to run his own business.


The new small business had been operating for over a year and was not making any money.

This successful MD was not a successful small business owner.

The skills learnt over a number of years in BIG (and not your own) business were totally useless in the small business world.

And this applied in every area of the business.

MARKETING – disaster! Using your own money is very different from using someone else’s money!

STAFF- OH NO! Dealing with 3 employees is so different to dealing withy 3000!

CUSTOMERS!- NO WAY!! This was definitely the worst so far!

In the corporate world this high flyer had never actually dealt with a REAL customer before. I mean actually talking & selling. He had no idea at all. He could not put himself in their shoes- he genuinely thought they were stupid & taking their money would be easy! How was he ever going to pay the bills?


Our MD was designing a website and was using different people for different parts! BUT they were not all part of the same company. Nobody knew what anybody else was doing! It was a mess!

So small business is not corporate & corporate is not small business.

Totally different skills.

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